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We are a collective of Quechua feminists who seek to collectively achieve dignified, free and happy existences for women and dissidents of sexual and gender norms. Our core business is audiovisual creation, education and cultural management. We are located in Huancayo, in the central Andean region of Peru.


We promote emancipatory projects that allow us to create a living and community culture, and break with the hegemonic racist, colonial and patriarchal mold. We promote, in coordination with various networks in Peru and Latin America, innovative experiences of feminist art, based on community processes that activate deep political transformations, networks of affection, creativity and collective action in favor of the autonomy and liberation of women. We put our feminist gaze at the center that weaves the memory of our ancestors and prioritizes rethinking from the depths new paradigms of relationships between women, based on care and radical empathy.

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