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Voces hechiceras is a project born from the need to make visible the work of female, trans and non-binary artists who have been resisting through art, feminism and music. We seek to generate collaborative creation strategies in terms of feminist music production. We want to offer our contribution to shorten the gaps that women and sexual dissidences have in the music industry, taking into account the lack of opportunities due to racism, classism and lesbo-bi-trans-phobia that also intersects our lives.



In the third chapter we present Las Horregias, a lesbian punk rock pop band from Santiago, Chile. This artistic/feminist complicity made a connection between Chile and Peru. A few months ago we did a concert tour in Lima and Huancayo that was an incredible experience, enriching and full of a lot of music, pleasure and lesbianism .

For the second episode we present Mare Aviso Lirika rapper, Zapotec, feminist and migrant who confronts this system with her powerful rhymes and her wonderful being. This artistic/feminist complicity made a connection between Mexico and Peru. We thank La Gozadera, Cocoveg, La Cañita and the Festival Nosotras Estamos en la Calle for providing us with spaces full of pure feminist love.


mare warning lirika

For the first episode we present Farrah, a rapper who will unlock you with her rhymes. Let's wrap ourselves with its powerful magic and rage from the vulva.



Voces Hechieras Llaqtanchikmantapacha

From the lands of our grandmothers and grandfathers, from the places that saw them grow up, that listened to their breath, their footsteps in the rivers and where their songs resounded and still continue to do so now. Where just inhabiting and breathing those spaces pushes us and encourages us to live and continue creating, this is how this season of Voces Hechiceras emerges, a series of music videos born from the need to portray the work of women artists and diversities, who have been resisting since the ancestral memory of our peoples. This season we have the participation of 9 musical projects from Ayacucho, Junín, Cusco, Huancavelica and Puno.

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