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Meeting of knowledge and feelings that resist coloniality. This meeting is a coordinated effort by the collectives Chola Contravisual and Rosa Rabiosa of 3 days of duration with workshops, talks and cultural presentations. Space to remember that every October 12 the so-called "discovery of America" is commemorated on the assumption that this was a "meeting between two worlds", which in turn resulted in a fusion and the creation of a new cultural identity.


Although it is true that Latin American societies today are a consequence of the intersection between Western and our original roots, we believe that the narrative of "discovery" places Europe as the protagonist of a universal history. Nobody discovered us, we were already here! And more than 500 years after the beginning of the invasion and colonization of what is now known as "America", the descendants of the "vanquished" continue to resist and create our lives in the face of the entire existing system of inequality and oppression.

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