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The little school was designed with the purpose of weaving networks from our feminisms in the provinces and building collective learning from dialogue and sharing knowledge, experiences and feelings of our stories and creativity.

In the process we found much more, we found complicity and love, and despite the geographical distances that surrounded us, we shared our joys and our pains, we talked about our doubts and our fears. Together we learned and strengthened our struggles and resistance as young feminist women, racialized bodies and sexual dissidents in which we accompany and revitalize each other to continue resisting the multiple and historical heteropatriarchal, colonial, racist, centralist and fundamentalist oppressions that cross us and seek to silence and coerce our imaginaries, our realities and our freedoms.


We connect our minds and our hearts, in each workshop, with ourselves, between us and with our ancestors in whom we find spiritual beings who today accompany our pain and encourage us to continue, we hug our internal children who could not be because they were forced to be adults when it wasn't their time, we played with them and reconciled with parts of our bodies, we sang songs that came from our guts and exploited our silenced creativity to sing together a collective song.

We made magic together, and built a deeper connection with the value of our existence and our resistance, sharing strategies of self-care and collective creation with narrative proposals of our territories and daily experiences, based on the arts, ancestry and heritage. that our grandmothers left us, and the powerful diversity that exists in our cultures, to forge a present and a future where we can live free lives, full and full of love, joy and feminist pleasure.

With or without a pandemic, we have woven a beautiful network and a memory of our struggles and resistance.


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